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What is your trading Strategy?

PSG Online offers access to a wide range of investment products to a range of clients with significantly different levels of financial literacy, product knowledge and investment objectives. We have attempted to address the needs of our diverse clients by describing clients with shorter term objectives as ‘traders’ and those who might be interested in longer term buy and hold strategies as ‘investors’.

Which trading instruments are available through PSG Online?

The PSG Online trading system gives clients access to a variety of financial instruments from a single login. You can access a range of trading and investment products as well as insurance products through one platform. Our intuitive online share trading system provides you with direct market access, live prices and can automatically execute on your parameters for buying and selling listed instruments as well as alerting you to new opportunities that match your trading strategy.

What is Share Trading?

Trading refers to buying or selling of shares, commodities, currencies or other financial instruments over short time periods. When investing in shares, you expect to earn dividends or for the shares to increase in price over the longer term. In both share trading and share investing you are trading in instruments listed on a securities exchange. The main difference between share investing and share trading is the day trader in shares expects an exit. Day traders have a specific set of criteria that can be loaded onto the trading system to trigger the exit plan. Although both are part of a comprehensive financial strategy it is important to understand this simple distinction and keep the two trades separate.

A day trader aims to make a profit from buying and selling stock as they read market fluctuations. This means that when the share value is dropping you get rid of it; if it rises you sell it and re-invest your profits. But you don't have to buy first. There are in fact two ways of making money with trades. A long trade is when you buy stocks at a low price and sell them at a higher price. A short trade allows day traders to borrow and sell stocks at a higher price and replace them later with stocks purchased at a lower price. In this way a day trader can make profit on the stock market regardless of the direction. Making profit from equity trading is all about timing. However, a day trader requires considerable knowledge and technical analysis to predict short-term price fluctuations

Whether you are comfortable trading on your own, or are looking for helpful, professional advice, PSG Online's trade and brokerage services will work with your trade strategy, at a level of risk that you are comfortable with.

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PSG Konsult Credit Rating Upgraded by Global Credit Rating Company
by PSG Konsult Ltd posted on 28 August 2014

The rating agency Global Credit Rating Company ("GCR") upgraded PSG Konsult's long-term rating to BBB+ (previously BBB) today. It also confirmed short-term rating of A2 with the outlook accorded as Stable.

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